quality_assurance.quality_assurance module

class quality_assurance.quality_assurance.QualityAssurance(settings)

Bases: abc.ABC

Abstract Base Class for QualityAssurance stage. The QualityAssurance stage validates approximated circuits to ensure that their quality constraints are not violated.

Inheriting classes must implement methods:
__init__ setup validateCircuit
Parameters:settings (dict) – A dictionary using options from the config as keys and strings of their values as values.

Sets up the QualityAssurance instance using a GeneralInformation instance. Provides default implementation

Parameters:gen_info (GeneralInformation) – The framework’s GeneralInformation instance.

Validates the circuit represented by a Node by trying to verify that the circuit meets all its quality constraints.

Parameters:node (Node) – The Node to validate.
Returns:True if the circuit of the given Node is valid, otherwise False.
Return type:bool