utils.logutils module

class utils.logutils.IndentationAdapter(logger, extra=None, padding='t', offset=6)

Bases: logging.LoggerAdapter

Custom LoggerAdapter adding indentation to log messages depending on the nesting depth of the calling function.

  • logger (Logger) – The Logger instance to use as a base for the adapter.
  • extra (dict, optional) – Special argument for LoggerAdapter, is not used here. Default value is {}.
  • padding (str, optional) – The string to be used as padding. Default value is "        ".
  • offset (int, optional) – Indentation is reduced by offset levels. Default value is 6.

Returns the indentation level using the current size of the stack and the specified offset. Minimum indentation is 0.

process(msg, kwargs)

Inserts indentation into message string.

class utils.logutils.ColoredFormatter(fmt, datefmt=None, style='%', use_color=True)

Bases: logging.Formatter

Custom Formatter adding color to log messages depending on the level of the message. DEBUG – dark white INFO – white WARNING – yellow ERROR – red CRITICAL – red


Adds color escapes before passing the record to the default format method. Messages with level higher than INFO are printed bold.