estimation.estimation module

class estimation.estimation.Estimation(gen_info)

Bases: object

This class provides functions for generating and parsing estimated statistics of approximated circuit configurations.


Adds a dictionary {"area", "delay", "power", "error"} created using external tools and parsing stat files to each node.

  • nodes (list of Node) – A list of Node instances the stats
  • which will be estimated. (of) –

RuntimeError – If this Estimation instance’s method is unknown.

_abc_if(file_in, file_out, keys=None)

Generates a stat file for file_in using external tools and parses the keys from the file. Returns a Dictionary with keys as keys and values converted to floats.

  • file_in (str) – The absolute path to the input circuit file in Verilog or Blif format.
  • file_out (str) – The absolute path to the output file in any writable format (use *.stat by convention).
  • keys (list of str) – List of keywords to parse. Default value is ["area", "delay", "power", "error"].